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What is Neapolitan Pizza

Over 200 years ago pizza was born in the city of Naples where locals sold rustic flatbreads topped only with olive oil, sea salt and garlic. It wasn’t until 1889 when a visit from the italian queen margherita of savoy prompted a pizza made in her honor with locally grown tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil. It was this pizza that gave us all pizzas as we know them today.

At the 5 th street pub we strive to produce the most historically accurate pizza possible. From our dough to the toppings, a 5th street pizza has the exact same toppings used on that first margherita pizza made over 100 years ago, all brought to life in our handmade italian stephano Ferrara wood burning oven. If you want real italian pizza then you have found it.

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